Gaia Botanicals Cannabidiol Hemp Oil

I’m not sure what that means I don’t know how much of milligrams to Gaia Botanicals Cannabidiol Hemp Oil order? I’m a post cancer patient and want to get off Pharmaceuticals for the post cancer breast cancer pill and it’s terrible side effects. Gaia Botanicals Cannabidiol Hemp benefits of cbd oil vape Oil so can you help me on the proper formulas in oil to understand it better so that I may order the correct medicine for me /oil Give me a call at and I can explain. Its easier than typing my fingers off lol.

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CBN is basically degraded THC. Old cannabis or over cooked cannabis is high in CBN as the THC oxidises over time or subject to over cooking. If you want to maximise CBN content either cook cannabis between 140 and 150c for about 40 minutes or at lower heats for longer time. You will lose THC as CBN comes from degraded THC but the rick simpson oil with everclear cannabis will hemp oil high in cannabidiol be more sedative this way. THC Gaia Botanicals Cannabidiol Hemp Oil is mildly sedative but CBN is very sedative though slightly less psychoactive.